Saturday, February 27, 2016

Twenty Five

I'm getting worse with updating this blog, I know.

And I don't have any real excuse for it, just that I've been focusing myself in other areas. Since I can't do much due to my "condition", I've been writing lots...even though, what I've been writing for is not exactly something to be proud of, I guess. (Yeah, kissy stories about guys who are younger than me...totally the social norm.)

Weirdly though, I am kind of...well, not exactly proud, but, happy with some of it. The relationships are there, but, most of them are without the stereotypical hump fest that usually goes along with fanfiction. Which....might account for why I tend to get ignored. I dunno...something about writing out sex and sexiness just feels awkward to me, so I usually just focus on whatever dynamic I'm throwing at the pair. Though, maybe I should just settle in one night and write some sort of penis poem, complete with unrealistic bedroom antics and buckets of ejaculate. That'll get me a friend or two, right?

Anyway...I'm derailing my original thought here. (Massive tension headaches tend to do that.)

I'll throw up a link to the last thing I did. You can judge for yourself. The first half is...well, whatever, but, I'm actually more happy with the second half. I may or may not regret those words later, as I tend to do when it comes to things I write. It'll be satisfying one minute, but something I look back on in shame later. So, enjoy this peek into...this, while you can. I can't guarantee the post will stay up forever.

Island in the Sun )

Until then.