Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Twenty Four

So, today I'm going to share with you one of those water color pencil things that I talked about in my last post. I did this in September, and honestly, it's the closest thing I've done to something resembling art within the medium. Because, y'know...everybody is entitled to have a stroke of stupid luck every once and a while.

A hummingbird. I know, not terribly exciting, but, birds felt easier on my "skills" at the time. This is the semi-finished product...inked, with a 2 color background. I kind of like it better this way than the finished version, but, I was highly encouraged to "finish" the picture.
The finished version. I went with a blue palate for the bird, just because I felt that copying the usual colors would of been a little drab. The black touches look kind of dumb, but, hey, seeing as how it's all new to me still, I wasn't expecting much. Obviously, this probably came out better here than if I had done it with actual paints...apparently my brain can't grasp color layering and textures via brush, so, pencils are my "thing", I guess.
So, there you have it. The only thing I've managed to do within the past few months. Sooo exciting. Heh.
Don't get me wrong. I've actually been working on stuff lately, just...nothing I can really show off here. Unless anyone out there actually wanted to read the Septiplier fanfiction I've been doing. (Shonen ai only, of course...I suck at writing porn.) Weirdly, it's the only thing I actually want to write these days, even though deep down, I know it has no intrinsic value to it. But, I guess writing anything is better than just mentally rotting away, right? Maybe...?
Also, just to keep the two of you out there interested in it up to date, I had an ultrasound the other day, and the lab tech is 85% positive that I'll be welcoming a girl come springtime. It's made the naming process easier, but...Joe is kind of stuck on 2 names at the moment. in, he doesn't want any other names. The first is Eleanor, which is cute and normal, but when paired with my last name, it gets kind of cumbersome. The second, is Eowyn. (Say, "A-O-win".) I like the way Eowyn sounds, and it'll flow decently with my last name and the middle name I picked for it...but the spelling/pronunciation is going to be a total nightmare for the kid. (Even as I type this, Blogger is telling me that Eowyn isn't a real word.) So...I'm kind of at a loss for the whole thing at the moment. Our first was easy enough...I more or less just told him that I was naming her as such, since we were only a year and a half into our relationship, and who knows if he was even going to stick around. So, part of me is tempted to give in this time, just because he didn't get a say in it last time. Uuugh....halp, plz.
And, because I don't have anywhere else to put this information, I'll include these bonus tidbits.
I took a few fun tests the other day. 1, I'm not colorblind. Yay! Not that I had any real reason to think that I was, but, my ever-loving paranoia wondered if maybe I secretly was, but just didn't know it somehow. But, according to the internet, I'm just dandy, in that respect.
2, I'm apparently exactly split between left and right brain. I honestly didn't know what to think or expect from that one, but, it's interesting that I don't seem to swing one way or the other. Might explain my slight ambidextrous-ness.
3, my IQ, according to is 131. I actually thought I got a bad score when that first popped up, thinking that the closer to 200 you got, the better off you were. So, in my head, 131 was like getting a C- or a D. Turns out, I'm actually like...1 point away from being at the low end of Mensa. So, yeah...despite my sister knocking it for being internet based, I felt kind of happy for a while. *insert smiley emoticon of your choice here*
Whelp, there ya go. Back to mashing out fictitious relationships between 2 grown men who are much younger than me. Because loser. Pffft.
Until then.