Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Twenty Two

Here we are again, and this time, under the banner of my husbands laptop. It's not the ideal conditions I wish I had at the moment, but, beggars can't be choosers, right? And, if you didn't bother to read my overly dramatic post on my other blog, I understand. Just know that this may be the norm now, so, posts might be even fewer and further in between.

Recently, I've been trying to work on writing more, so I haven't done too much in the way of drawing. And, lets be honest here, I'm kind of bad at it anyway. So, the last few times I've gotten writers block, I tried to do some "art" on the computer instead. And, we're going to use that term very lightly here. Copy & pasting in IrfanView isn't exactly a skill, you know. To my credit, they look interesting enough, and the hardest part was trying to figure out the fonts at the bottom. Which, I didn't get quite right, but, short of spending money on a derp moment, this'll do.

So, care to take a guess as to what I did?


Calabrese! Yeah, I know. Total surprise, right? What can I say, though? When people this awesome exist, how do you not do dumb crap like this all the time? So, I decided to make my own Deadman's Cross cards out of them.
I really like the vampy blood pics from the "Born With a Scorpion's Touch" photoshoots. Aside from the obvious, they have a sort of morbid whimsy to them that the majority of their others don't have. But it's not like they could ever take a bad picture, you know. That's just a straight fact, folks.
I overlaid two pics on top of this to give it something extra, since the background was just white. You can kinda see the skeleton overlay on Bobby's right leg, but thankfully, you can't see the other. Pestilent Screamer type, because, what else could they be?

Virulent Davey.
The gold borders on the Pestilent cards didn't seem to really fit with the individual pictures, so I went with the Virulent variety for all 3. In the game, it's only a small step down from gold to silver. Plus, I'm guessing nobody even knows what the hell DC is, so does it even matter?
I just knew Davey had to be a Charmer type. And seeing as how quickly and easily I found smoldering shots like this one, I knew I was right. No overlay, because it really didn't need one.

Virulent Bobby.
This one was a pain to pin down. A lot of the older shots of him that I knew that were floating around years ago seemingly disappeared for whatever reason, so I had to scan through second by second on several of their YouTube videos to find an appropriate picture. Not like I minded, though. <3
I wanted to give him the Screamer strain, but, seeing as how I made the group card that, I didn't want to double up on types. So, between that and what was left, I went with Spitter. Again, no filter or overlay.

Virulent Jimmy.
By far, the easiest to do. His was just a simple resizing, and finding this picture took all of two seconds.
Slasher strain seemed appropriate. And given what I know about an incident that happened with them, the Biters and some idiots at a bar in Canada, I'd say the typing was perfect. No overlay or touch ups. I wouldn't dare.
So, there you have it. I may or may not go back and fix them, if I ever find the matching font. For now though, enjoy the dumb little mental timeout things I did, and try not to nitpick the flaws too much.
Now, if only these were real...
Until then.