Monday, November 11, 2013


It's been a while, I know. But, hey, at least this proves I'm not dead yet.
And, that's good thing, right?


So...I don't have any drawings to post. Not even a doodle. Nor any writings. At least, not yet. I have the aforementioned post from months ago still sitting in draft, waiting to be published. But it's still not ready yet. And, I'm building it up waaay more than it needs to be. It's massive, but not necessarily good.

I have these, though. Pictures I've taken recently. Fall does nice things to my area of the States, and, my only regret is that I don't have a decent camera to capture it all. Lord knows my dinosaur of a cell phone tries, though.

I'd like to call these two "Urban Savanna", but that kind of sounds like pretentious artsy-fartsy talk. Really, it's just a sunset near the woods. I just happened to be in a good spot.

One of the many water ways in Pennypack Park. I actually have a slew of pics I took in the spring, when, for some reason the place looked swampy. They look kind of cool, but not nearly as eye-catching.

These I took on my way to Acme one day. I gave the lower one the title, "Foliage on Fire", but, then I realized it sounded stupid and hipster-y. So, "Red Stuff" it shall be. 
Also, in case you're wondering, (and we all know you are) that's my thumb in the top right in the first one. It intentional.
Art school stuff, y'know?

Random berries. I wish I had more to say other than that.

These are all from the same tree. I snapped these when I was out for a walk with Ivy one day. As I was doing so, she decided to start uprooting plants in that persons' front lawn. So, we ran right after. Thankfully, nobody was home.
In her defense, the 'festive grasses' looked terrible anyway.
Well, there they are. I know it doesn't actually count as a real post, but, to be perfectly honest, I've been less than productive in the last few months. I kinda almost feel like my brain has been put on pause for some reason, and I cant seem to get it back on track. And I truly wish I could figure out why. I'm getting old, maybe. Does 30 count as geriatric?
Also, in case you're wondering, I lost the contest. Miserably.
40 views at the time, with one dislike. Most didn't even watch the full video. I know I'm less than amateur at singing, but I wasn't expecting it to be that harsh. They based it on popular vote, and had I known that, I probably wouldn't of entered at all. Or bothered with the subtle Mortal Kombat theme. As of now, I put it on private, so don't be surprised if I actually delete it one day.
In the words of Miss Piggy: "C'est la vie, n'est ce pas?"
Until then.

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