Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm late.

I suck.

I know.

But! Random happy good times in terms of pictures tonight.

And just to let everyone know, more vacation time ahead.
No, not my choice. I didn't even pay for it.


A hooded guy.
Yeah, real creative, artsy wordplay at work here.

For some reason, he always reminded me of He-Man. Too much Skeletor channelling or something when I drew it years ago. And I didn't blend his face, but it looks kind of neat all scratchy.

A fairy girl thingie.

She reminds of one of my comic characters, Hana, who, is kind of the opposite of simple and sweet. I wish I had a better picture of this...

St. Wombat!

Yes, that's actually his name. (There's a whole story behind it.) He's from my comic I did years ago. If you can read it, it says, "I simply adore everything...that moves." Which, is completely true. The guy did not care who or what you were. If it was a possibility that he could make out/poke/prod/worse with you, he'd try his best to make sure it happened. Did I mention his two puppets? One, saccharine sweet, and the other, a little mean, and cussing all the time. I'd write their names out if I weren't afraid of misspelling them. Damn my lack of skills in Japanese.

Wombat was also a priest in training, too. Hence, the crucifix chain.
And...uh...he liked to wear a fez, too. Because.

Another 'whatevs' picture.

Some tentacled boy who likes cashews and puffy hats. With weird charm. Or something.

So, that's it for now. Again, if you notice, nothing recent due to my days disappearing somehow. I'm guessing when a certain someone goes back to school in a month or so, I'll have more time then.

Or not. Who knows.

Leave your comments/suggestions/love/hate/cheesecakes/Calabrese paraphernalia below.

Until then.

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