Wednesday, July 25, 2012


A lot of odd stuff happened today.

Like, I dreamt of being drugged to unconsciousness in a dream I had last night. Normally, my dreams either make no real sense at all, or it has Calabrese in it somewhere, so that was kind of unusual for me. I looked it up and, according to my dream book, it meant to watch out for aggressive scammers. Like, people who would try to sell you aspirin after they had just stabbed you. Even Joe couldn't think of what that meant when I had told him.

Come later today, people from the electric company came over. This, is also not usual, because quite honestly, we owe them money.

So, I let them in. They use our phone.

Then, they have me talk to someone on the phone.

"This call may be monitored for quality assurance. Do you agree to this?"

" the recording, yes."

"Good. This is your name, house, and telephone number, correct? And you agree to sign up--"

"Wait. Are you...from PECO? Is this PECO?"

No, ma'am. We are a different energy supplier. Did the gentleman tell you he was from PECO?"

"YES. *scowl*

Please, do not sign me up for anything. I decline all offers."

"I will not. And just so you know, he was not to tell you he was from PECO. We will have to talk to him when he gets back."

Then, the guy turns to me and actually tries to defend himself. To which, I flat out tell him that everything he said was highly misleading, and that yes, he did in so many words tell me he was from our electric company.

He gets huffy, and swears that 'more PECO employees' will be back to get me to sign off on some papers.

Oh, really? I think. Why would you be so adamant about this if you were my supplier?

So, I did what anyone else would. I call PECO.

And after so many times of bouncing around on their menu, I get someone on the line.

"Hi, I don't even know if I'm at the right department to ask this question, but, is your company sending people out to sign up for a new energy plan?"

"No, ma'am, we would never go door-to-door for anything."

"Ok, because this guy was here, and said more employees would be out here until I signed some papers..."

"No, he is not with PECO. We would never do things like that. Did he tell you he was an employee?"


"Mmmn. Yeah, we don't operate like that. He's probably another supplier, saying he works for, is affiliated with, supplies connections for or something along those lines."

Aah, healthy paranoia.

Then, I tell Joe.
To which, he reminds me of my dream.

Cue the music, aaaaaand....


Anyway, to get to the real part of the post, I have two pictures tonight, both of which I did back in 2008. There are, obviously, things that should be fixed, but, I kinda like them with their flaws and all. Maybe you will too.

A butterfly-esque lady. No real title, but, I always thought it reminded me of something someone might get as a tattoo. A little bit of it got cut off because this was the only picture I took where it wasn't a blurry mess. I'm sure you could fill in the small blanks though.

An evil frog-chicken thing.
That's actually what I wrote on the paper after I did this. And I still have no idea what this is. But, it's cool...I guess?

Here's a bonus picture. I was cooking the other night when I found this in the baby carrot bag.
Looks like someone needs some pills and pumps.

Heh. <3

That's all for now, folks.

Come back again next week if you like what you see.
And please don't be afraid to comment.

Until then.

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