Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I made a pretty random post in "Closet of Things", so, I've decided to make it a pair of random posts.

Regardless of what I did to these pics, though, they still look fuzzy. My apologies.

Enjoy, if you will.

Yes, that's a Pikachu and a viking. I drew these and the two below on a 'whatevs' page, warming my hand up for the thing I have yet to send in the mail. (11x14 envelopes are such a pain in the ass to find...)

Cat guy on the right, semi-romantic Yume and Kage on the left, complete with Utena quote. Who are Yume and Kage? They were teenagers that were the main focus of my comic book. Best friends turned opposite and death ensued.

I still think about them as if I were still writing and drawing with them. Sadly, aside from a random thing here and there, that's not the case these days.

On this page, there was also a zombie Jigglypuff and an Akira Toriyama joke.
That got ruined.
Because someone ate Easter grass.

She's probably the cutest thing I've ever done. Bats in general are sweet to me, so having one like this makes my teeth hurt.

And if I was any good at graphics, I would of put some cherry blossoms er something in the back. Oh, compu-lamentation....

"Why Some Monsters Shouldn't Wear Hats".
Yes, that's the actual name I gave it. Self explanatory as to why.

Well, I'm leaving it at that for now.
I'm kind of tired, so this post might feel a little stiff.

And I'm kind of happy I didn't make a dirty joke right there.

More and better posts in the future, folks.

Until then.

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