Saturday, June 9, 2012


Aah, I'm back again. <3
Did you miss me?

So, as it goes now, I have a brand new laptop, that is mine and mine alone. It's not as aesthetically pleasing as the last one, but from what I know, it makes up for it in sheer compu power. But, nothing a barrage of stickers cant fix, right?

Joe is getting one of his own too, via work. This way, we can jam up the individual memories with our own collective vices.

Speaking of, if you notice to the right, I have a brand new Blog. It's sole purpose is to have a place to bleed the non-creative randomness that would otherwise come out in here. So, you know...go there if you want to hear me kawaii-pine over Chococat stuff or gush over you-know-who.

I'm in the process of tweaking with some pictures, so I'll post them as I get to them. For now, you can scope out these few sketches I have that I did upon request from Sarah. (See my last real post if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

I bet you thought you'd never see it...CUTE!

Oh, and no 'yerfing' or 'yiffing', please.

Kitty! I actually used to do a lot of these furry-esque creatures years ago. I even had a whole social and societal system that went with them, as they were actually going to be part of my comic book. Did I mention I used to have a comic book? Nothing formal...just me drawing and posting it around. If you notice, she's missing her tail. My bad. 

Emo dog. And rabbit girl's right hand. Heh...

The rest of rabbit girl! For some reason, I feel this need to pierce all animal ears if I draw them like this.

This guy is kind of adorable. He was supposed to be part of a children's book I was working on before the last laptop ate all my work. Hopefully I'll break out of my current literary funk and get back to that...

Giant chicken.

I think I'll leave it at that for now. Again, if you have a request for something, or have something to say about anything I have here or on any other post, please don't be shy about posting a comment. Feedback is welcome on all levels.

More to come later this week, I hope. Depending on schedules and all.

Until then.

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