Saturday, April 14, 2012


Sorry about gushing over Calabrese in the last post, guys.Sometimes, a girl's gotta gab though, right?


So, as it is now, I'm not going to post any written work here for a bit. I'm going to try playing around with stuff, and seeing where I can go with it. And, if I still get flat-out rejected again, then I throw it up here for all of you to enjoy.

And you know what that means. More pictures!

 Another one without an official title, but a nickname. "Meathook", for obvious reasons. This was actually a 'whatevs' picture I did during the Calabrese music marathon I had. A 'whatevs' picture is one that I draw on the back of another picture. Usually, these are simple, or downright silly. Sometimes, they turn out kinda neat though. Case #1.
 ...And the colorized version! When Joe asked me what colors I thought things should be, I suggested the skin be a light grey-ish shade, and the hair blue. So, he went with a green/gunmetal combo. Heh...
 "The Face in the Mirror" On the same page as "Banshee" for the same reason as before. This is actually the second or third hooded guy I've drawn, and they all look kinda close to one another. Maybe I'm channeling He-man or something.
 The color version! Again, we have the mysterious, yet, serendipitous odd shading that went on with "Acid Trip". I think my cell has picture preferences.
"Mermaid" She's a few years old, but other than the tips of her fin and some other minor things, I like the way she came out. No, she's not sitting on a potato sack. Is it my fault I can't draw a believable rock? Oddly enough, after I did this, I later did a story called 'Neptune'. There's a scene I describe in there that's a bit like this. Only now did I make that connection, by the way. Strange...

Well, there you have it.
My contribution to the web. Pencil smudges. Hah.

Oh, so, before I go, here's another funny thing Joe and I talked about.

Two days ago, I had another Calabrese dream.
Now, before you roll your eyes, hear me out.

I told Joe about it. I kinda didn't want to at first, because it involved me & Davey cuddling. And a horror/comedy version of "Fried Green Tomatoes". (Think "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" x Veggietales. I know. Messed up.) He kinda laughed, and said, "Y'know....what if he's having these dreams too? Like, you're some random girl he dreams about all the time. Like a psychic connection er something."

And, that got me thinking. What if?
I could only imagine his reaction as I walk over to one of their merch tables.

"EEP. YOU. What...?"


"You....stay away. Get out of my dreams! Bleh!"
*runs away Muppet-style*

Ok, ok, that's kind of lame. But, the possibilities are funny though, right? I mean, really. If you started dreaming about a random person and then poof! there he or she was, gawking at tee shirts 2 feet away....what would you do?

I'd Muppet run.

Until then.

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