Sunday, April 22, 2012


A short-ish post tonight. Mainly because I'm running out of things to post at the moment, and I'm seriously trying to avoid posting more things about Calabrese. (You're relieved, I'm sure.)

 This is yet, another with no real title, but has been affectionately titled 'Monster' after the Henry Rollins' song I was blasting my brain out with when I made him. Ive actually done a few of these....uh...pig/monkey winged things before. Joe says they might be Azazel 'talking' to me...

 This one, if you notice at the bottom, isn't even really done. But I thought it looked good as-is, so, here we are. It's....a snake guy. Or something.

 A cute little 'whatevs' picture. I thought this one sucked when I did it, but, he's kinda charming now, looking back at it.

"Pocket". A first-draft monster guy that Joe asked I do for his band. It was kinda cool making him. I wasn't given any real parameters regarding a 'what' when he asked, just that it be...well...something like this. Yes, I know he has 9 arms. That was intentional. The shading looks kinda funny though. And, yes, I did steal his name from the main protagonist from Christopher Moore's book, "Fool". I know they look nothing alike, shh. I had just finished it at the time, and I'm actually re-reading it now. Loves it.

And there you have it.
If anyone is feeling frisky, comment with any requests you might want to see. I'm not making any promises, but who knows. I might just tear up the pad one day.

Ok. Off to do more stuff. <3

Until then. 

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  1. *Pops onto blog* Ah, I should've come here to learn about Calabrese. xD Your blog is fun to read! ^__^ I love all the little funny descriptions and stuff. ^_^ I love the new pictures too! Especially the snake guy. :3 xD I love snakes. <3 And lizards. Reptiles... xD

    And what if someone was having a dream of you as you were of them. o.O I'd run too! xD

    Ou, can you draw a fuzzy thing? Like a fuzzball with some of your flair. ;D xD