Sunday, April 1, 2012


So, the last 24 hours haven't been too nice to me.

Apparently onion tempura and dieting don't mix. I figured I'd eat something a little naughty, considering the only thing I had that day was oatmeal, and my crummy tummy decided that was too naughty. And there I was at 4 am, awake, in pain, and wishing I was dead. In my defense, I only had enough to fit a small salad plate. Considering my history with grease in general though, my dumb ass should of known better.

That being said, I'm still not quite right, so this wont be an extensive post.

I have more pictures though. Enjoy?

 Hah! Yes! Me as a Pokemon Trainer. <3 In my head, I had an actual fanfiction to go along with this, and I thought it might be kinda cool to have a visual. The giant Clefable's name was Aria, and much like Team Rocket's Meowth, she could speak. For some reason though, I had envisioned her to sound kind of like Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena with a UK accent. How I would of tied that in, and made it sound not completely crappy, well, I never thought it that far out. Oh, but my team would of been 6 of the most bad-assed Eevees ever fictionalized. Evolution, baby.
 This is something I did for one of Joe's bands. I basically copied a cheap styrofoam tombstone with all this lovely stuff around it. The idea was that the band photo was gonna go in the middle, but no matter how many times a pic was taken, the quality was too poor to do much with. Not to mention, the weird smudges around the top made it look kinda dirty. Ah, well...
"Acid Trip" part 2! Joe took it upon himself to take my drawings and use them as his personal coloring book. Which is cool, because he somehow got a Misfits-y vibe to the pallet scheme. I had thought of her looking like Rini from Sailor Moon when I drew this years ago, but the blond/green works too. For those wondering, this was done exclusively on a laptop without a mouse or pen, in Irfanview and MS Paint.

There you have it.

A lot of anime references. Yes, I am a bit of a nerd, thank you.
And I'm always up for a Pokemon trade. <3

Until then.

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