Friday, March 23, 2012


Hello, world. It's me. <3

It's been a while. But, I'm back. Improved, even.

From here on out, I'll be attempting to showcase my 'talent' through whatever medium crawls out of my head. Mostly writing, some doodles. Fun, right?


A small something or other for my first post. Joe had asked me to write him a paragraph to help inspire him with band stuff. I did this in about 10 minutes, though, in my defense the vitamin c/sugar rush I had was petering out when I typed it.

From across the room, I saw her. Pretty, delicate and frail. Her dress sparkled like garnets, her hair glittered like the sun. From where I was she had the walk and grace of a goddess, her laughter like bubbles, her shoulders like champagne. I knew I needed her.

I knew I needed her dead.

I followed her. Through the parking lot, through the crowded streets, and over the bridge that lead her home. It was dark out. Dark enough that I could see her through the shadows.

She didn't lock the door. She didn't look behind her. She never saw it coming.

My axe, coated in blood. Her blood. Her pretty blood.

Her body lay in awkward pieces and angles. The tide of crimson coated the floor.

And now I have her. I finally have her.

Longer posts in the future. I promise.

Until then.

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