Tuesday, December 4, 2012


So, here we are again.

It's been a few weeks since the last post, and, surprisingly, it hasn't been a total waste.

For starters, I have two new drawings tonight. Both of which I did in about a week of each other. I also worked on a few sketches for Joe, for an idea he and Jon (his friend and former ExD member) had for a short animation project. Those will have to wait for the time being though, until I finish the other ones he requested and until I know he's done with them.

And, as crazy as it sounds, I now have a Twitter account as well.
I know...I know I had said I'd never do it, and how dumb I thought it all was before. I am totally aware of my hypocritical actions. But, I have to admit, it's kind of fun knowing I can send just about anyone short little texts and or opinions on a daily basis without needing a phone number or anything like that. Plus, every now and again I get a random person following me. Sometimes it's spam, but, most of the time they actually turn out to be cool. And, y'know....Calabrese. I get to send Bobby annoying little messages all the time now. Heh heh...<3

For those wondering, as if I'm sure you didn't figure it out already, my Twit handle is @madamcheezy . So, like, come talk to me and stuff.


I've been calling this one "Head", mainly for a lack of anything else to call it. He came to mind after a walk one night. Damn near froze my ass off too. Joe said he looks like a cross between an alien and Dayglo Necros. Kind of wish the texture of the hair came out better, but, hey, it's a phone camera. An older one at that.
This is one take I had on the Slender Man. I have plans to do at least one or two more. I kinda like how the tentacles came out, and how they seem oddly crisper here than they do in my sketch book. Couldn't decide on whether or not I should of colored in the slime to make it look like blood, though.
Well, that's it for now.
As you know, the holidays are coming up, so I may or may not be able to get back on before the 25th. I'll still be working though, so, even if the latter happens to be true, I'll still have some fun stuff to share next time.
Until then.

Edit 12/10/12: I can't spell. -.-()

Friday, October 19, 2012


It's been a long time...again.

I'm trying though, trust me.

Time is a helluva thing though. I used to have oodles of it, and now I'm actually scheduling time for Blogging.

Kind of funny, isn't it? The thing I used to do when I was younger because I was sooo bored, is now something that needs time taken out just for it.

Ah, anyway.

Two tonight, both quick little things I did a month ago.

"Fire Snake"
Because....you know...that's what it kind of looks like.
I like the coiling of his tail. The hair is messed up though.

"Heart Possession x 2"
Yes, I really called it that. Because that's how long it took me to draw it.
I'm doubting I'll be back on before Halloween.
So, everyone have a happy one, and try not to let your collective religious intolerances get in the way of some spooky fun. I mean it. Don't. Do. It.
Also, new post in CoT, so have fun with that.
Be warned, it's mildly sad.
So, you know. Stuff.
Until then.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hello, again.

No, I have not abandoned this blog.

It's been crazier than I thought with things here, and I haven't done much.

Rest assured, though, the floodgates are coming.

Just a little bit longer, friends.

Until then.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm late.

I suck.

I know.

But! Random happy good times in terms of pictures tonight.

And just to let everyone know, more vacation time ahead.
No, not my choice. I didn't even pay for it.


A hooded guy.
Yeah, real creative, artsy wordplay at work here.

For some reason, he always reminded me of He-Man. Too much Skeletor channelling or something when I drew it years ago. And I didn't blend his face, but it looks kind of neat all scratchy.

A fairy girl thingie.

She reminds of one of my comic characters, Hana, who, is kind of the opposite of simple and sweet. I wish I had a better picture of this...

St. Wombat!

Yes, that's actually his name. (There's a whole story behind it.) He's from my comic I did years ago. If you can read it, it says, "I simply adore everything...that moves." Which, is completely true. The guy did not care who or what you were. If it was a possibility that he could make out/poke/prod/worse with you, he'd try his best to make sure it happened. Did I mention his two puppets? One, saccharine sweet, and the other, a little mean, and cussing all the time. I'd write their names out if I weren't afraid of misspelling them. Damn my lack of skills in Japanese.

Wombat was also a priest in training, too. Hence, the crucifix chain.
And...uh...he liked to wear a fez, too. Because.

Another 'whatevs' picture.

Some tentacled boy who likes cashews and puffy hats. With weird charm. Or something.

So, that's it for now. Again, if you notice, nothing recent due to my days disappearing somehow. I'm guessing when a certain someone goes back to school in a month or so, I'll have more time then.

Or not. Who knows.

Leave your comments/suggestions/love/hate/cheesecakes/Calabrese paraphernalia below.

Until then.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


A lot of odd stuff happened today.

Like, I dreamt of being drugged to unconsciousness in a dream I had last night. Normally, my dreams either make no real sense at all, or it has Calabrese in it somewhere, so that was kind of unusual for me. I looked it up and, according to my dream book, it meant to watch out for aggressive scammers. Like, people who would try to sell you aspirin after they had just stabbed you. Even Joe couldn't think of what that meant when I had told him.

Come later today, people from the electric company came over. This, is also not usual, because quite honestly, we owe them money.

So, I let them in. They use our phone.

Then, they have me talk to someone on the phone.

"This call may be monitored for quality assurance. Do you agree to this?"

"Uh....to the recording, yes."

"Good. This is your name, house, and telephone number, correct? And you agree to sign up--"

"Wait. Are you...from PECO? Is this PECO?"

No, ma'am. We are a different energy supplier. Did the gentleman tell you he was from PECO?"

"YES. *scowl*

Please, do not sign me up for anything. I decline all offers."

"I will not. And just so you know, he was not to tell you he was from PECO. We will have to talk to him when he gets back."

Then, the guy turns to me and actually tries to defend himself. To which, I flat out tell him that everything he said was highly misleading, and that yes, he did in so many words tell me he was from our electric company.

He gets huffy, and swears that 'more PECO employees' will be back to get me to sign off on some papers.

Oh, really? I think. Why would you be so adamant about this if you were my supplier?

So, I did what anyone else would. I call PECO.

And after so many times of bouncing around on their menu, I get someone on the line.

"Hi, I don't even know if I'm at the right department to ask this question, but, is your company sending people out to sign up for a new energy plan?"

"No, ma'am, we would never go door-to-door for anything."

"Ok, because this guy was here, and said more employees would be out here until I signed some papers..."

"No, he is not with PECO. We would never do things like that. Did he tell you he was an employee?"


"Mmmn. Yeah, we don't operate like that. He's probably another supplier, saying he works for, is affiliated with, supplies connections for or something along those lines."

Aah, healthy paranoia.

Then, I tell Joe.
To which, he reminds me of my dream.

Cue the music, aaaaaand....


Anyway, to get to the real part of the post, I have two pictures tonight, both of which I did back in 2008. There are, obviously, things that should be fixed, but, I kinda like them with their flaws and all. Maybe you will too.

A butterfly-esque lady. No real title, but, I always thought it reminded me of something someone might get as a tattoo. A little bit of it got cut off because this was the only picture I took where it wasn't a blurry mess. I'm sure you could fill in the small blanks though.

An evil frog-chicken thing.
That's actually what I wrote on the paper after I did this. And I still have no idea what this is. But, it's cool...I guess?

Here's a bonus picture. I was cooking the other night when I found this in the baby carrot bag.
Looks like someone needs some pills and pumps.

Heh. <3

That's all for now, folks.

Come back again next week if you like what you see.
And please don't be afraid to comment.

Until then.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Yes, it's been a while.
Longer than a mere week, I know.

To be honest, I couldn't create a damned thing while I was away, and I had to have a bit of 'recovery' time when I got back for me to even have a single productive thought in my head. And, before you think I was out living it up every night, let me just tell you that I very rarely drink. Also, I was with my parents and my 7 year old the whole time. Not exactly a group you would go bar hopping or dancing with. (Not like I do that in the first place...no friends + being poor = extremely limited social interactions.)

So, I did a little bit of drawing this week. Nothing epic, but fun.

Enjoy. <3

A picture of...me.
Again? Yes, again. I have an enormous ego, donchaknow.

But sometimes when I go out for walks at night, I feel...uh...special, I guess. It's kind of hard to describe. Like the night belongs to me. And there exists an energy out there under the moon that recharges my batteries. 

That sounds completely mental, I know. Kinda surprised I even put that out there, actually...

Oh, and Gloopy, you ask? See also: The Aquabats Super Show.

A random...thing.

I originally was going to draw some sort of zombie, but after I drew the skull and arms, it kind of mutated into this. Cool, right? 


I read Bobby Calabrese's latest Blog post and just...could not resist.

Yeah, I need help. I know.
But...do I, really? <3

So, that's it for now.

I have a bit of a fever due to my cold urticaria acting up at the moment, so I'm betting this reads a little on the flat side. My apologies.

More neat things to come though.

Until then.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Not a real post, but an update.

Yes, I will be gone for over a week, starting this Sunday.
You're sad, I'm sad...trust me. I wouldn't go if I didn't have to.

To tide some of you over until the next installment though, I did just post a big entry on my other Blog. So, you know, go enjoy that for a while. Or not. The choice is yours.

And, should you be so inclined, you can head over to http://exdementia.net and whittle away some time there. <3

Until then.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So, as you all may or may not know, I try to make a post regularly...usually once a week. And I try to make that day Sunday. Not for any asthetic reasons er whatnot, but, more of a convenience for me.

And here we are.
At one in the morning.
Technically, Wednesday.

Summer is kind of busy for me, if you can't tell. And the fact that I may or may not be gone for 8 days next week isn't helping. Not my choice, mind you.

So I cringe at my tardiness. I weep for my stolen time. I mourn for the ideas that have no chance of being made.

But, what can I do, really? Short of ignoring things that obviously need my attention, and not 'paying my dues' when I need to, I'd have to be like, a time lord er something. Or...time wizard. Time supreme-master-infinite-awesome-overlord-diety. With an ocarina and the phone booth from Bill & Ted.

All this, mind you, is me leading up to this, my eventual apology.

I'm sorry. <3

I have but one thing to offer tonight. And, honestly, it's not even all that wonderful. It was written in 2000 to boot.

For a friend, at the last minute, for Halloween. And the only copy I have is one that she typed & emailed out herself, so it's chock full of un-English stuff.

More on that stuff later, though.

Anyway...on with....the thingie. Heh...

November 14th. A day I'll live to remember.

Three newly accused witches to set before a judge and jury, with the hopes of something to do this afternoon...namely, an execution. It was very likely they would die, though, considering how judge McCain has only ever let one person go - his son. And out of the thousands trialed, including his own wife, all have met their fate by the fire all too soon. Puritans were sticklers for things like that.

"Order! Order!

Will the accused step forward please? And...how do you plead?"

"Sir...I think I speak for my sisters when I say we are not the deamons you think us to be. We are law abiding--"

"Quiet! I shall give you one last chance. Plead possesion now, and perhaps I will let you live.
Otherwise...start begging the jury now."

The courtroom was bustling over with conflicting thoughts and deadly ideas. The children stood there, plae and clammy, scared to death of what was all around them. McCain was growing increasingly impatient as the voices grew louder with every second that passed by. Salvation was slipping away before them.

"Dear people of the jury, have you reached a verdict?"

"Yes, your Honor. We have. We the jury find the defendants...guilty of all charges!"

Guilty of all charges. It pierced through the room just as a bullet would through the air. Stillness shattered everyone's ears, and time was lost for only a moment for everyone but the children.

"I, judge McCain, upon hearing the judgement of the jury declare that Mary, Christine and Mark Tucker are hereby sentenced to death by burning at the stake. Execution will be carried out one hour from now."

The elected guardsmen carried all three of them away to a mossy, damp, pitch-black cell where they were told to repent before God. There, they sat, fearful and crying, awaiting the fate and fury at hand. Time raced away, and soon the moment arrived. The death of innocence.

The same two people who had locked them in the darkness came back to deliver them unto the crowd. They pushed and knocked people out of the way...the judge had wanted a fast exectuion. The stakes were set in a nest of hay, smothered in a flamible liquid. Mary, Christine and Mark didnt fight when they tied them to the poles...it was useless. The crowd cried for their blood, so the executioner didnt keep them in anticipation for long. The torch was dropped, and the flames engulfed them all. God only knows how much pain they went through. Their screams could be heard for miles away, and the smell of burning flesh was there for months after. I still remember it now years later.

After all, I was there.

Yeah, so, like I said...

Written in October of 2000, when I just turned 17 a few months before. This is what I was doing during my history class that day, so, 45 minutes or so this took to scribble out. For my friend, who had asked me the period before, because later that night she needed a story to read to...some youth group thingie. And she specifically told me not to write anything stereotypical, so I went with witch death.

Yes, for 10-12 year olds.

Does that make me horrible? Maybe.

I didnt think so at the time, though. Much like a lot of things...

Ah, well.
That's history now.
(Puns, puns!)

Leave any comments/questions/flames/praises/baked goods below.

Until then.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So, here we are at number 10.

Feels kinda good, doesn't it?
Almost...like I've accomplished something. Heh. <3

Oh, and the 11 by 14 envelopes were found, by the way, and things were mailed out yesterday. Now I just hope that it's received well, and I don't come off as crazy. (At least, not the bad kind, anyway.)

On with the pictures!

My dear, sweet, Yume. Yes, the same Yume whose eyes you saw last time. Here she is, in full form. (Now, I just need to draw her in her other forms.) She's actually based off of me, when I was 16. Don't mind the pirate hook much...for some reason I couldn't think of what to do with her left hand.

"My Pet"
More morbid pictures. Did you think they were gone? Psssht.

There's a lot I'd like to change in this one. I tried to go with a slightly different style, and I'm not liking it much. But, hey! Lots of blood! Yaaay!

Don't really know what the name means...it just kinda came to me.

Wasn't supposed to look like a girl, but, no matter what I did that night, 'woman' just never came forth. Makes it slightly more disturbing, though.

Holy carp, a painting!

Yup, I've been known to dabble. Uh, not exactly my chosen medium though. I guess my brain is wired to cartoons/comics. This is a werewolf-shadow thingie. Or a werewolf silhouette. Something. You decide.

Aaand, that's all I have loaded into the computer for now.

I've been trying to punch out more writings, so my 'art' has been lacking these past few weeks. I'll try to have either more drawings or, at the very least a writing up here soon, so, don't lose faith in me yet, folks. The cauldron is always brewing.

Also, here's something cool:
New show coming up August 25th in NY. Do check them out and buy their merch. <3

Like always, any suggestions/comments/love/hate/cupcakes greatly appreciated.

Until then.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I made a pretty random post in "Closet of Things", so, I've decided to make it a pair of random posts.

Regardless of what I did to these pics, though, they still look fuzzy. My apologies.

Enjoy, if you will.

Yes, that's a Pikachu and a viking. I drew these and the two below on a 'whatevs' page, warming my hand up for the thing I have yet to send in the mail. (11x14 envelopes are such a pain in the ass to find...)

Cat guy on the right, semi-romantic Yume and Kage on the left, complete with Utena quote. Who are Yume and Kage? They were teenagers that were the main focus of my comic book. Best friends turned opposite forces...love and death ensued.

I still think about them as if I were still writing and drawing with them. Sadly, aside from a random thing here and there, that's not the case these days.

On this page, there was also a zombie Jigglypuff and an Akira Toriyama joke.
That got ruined.
Because someone ate Easter grass.

She's probably the cutest thing I've ever done. Bats in general are sweet to me, so having one like this makes my teeth hurt.

And if I was any good at graphics, I would of put some cherry blossoms er something in the back. Oh, compu-lamentation....

"Why Some Monsters Shouldn't Wear Hats".
Yes, that's the actual name I gave it. Self explanatory as to why.

Well, I'm leaving it at that for now.
I'm kind of tired, so this post might feel a little stiff.

And I'm kind of happy I didn't make a dirty joke right there.

More and better posts in the future, folks.

Until then.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Aah, I'm back again. <3
Did you miss me?

So, as it goes now, I have a brand new laptop, that is mine and mine alone. It's not as aesthetically pleasing as the last one, but from what I know, it makes up for it in sheer compu power. But, nothing a barrage of stickers cant fix, right?

Joe is getting one of his own too, via work. This way, we can jam up the individual memories with our own collective vices.

Speaking of, if you notice to the right, I have a brand new Blog. It's sole purpose is to have a place to bleed the non-creative randomness that would otherwise come out in here. So, you know...go there if you want to hear me kawaii-pine over Chococat stuff or gush over you-know-who.

I'm in the process of tweaking with some pictures, so I'll post them as I get to them. For now, you can scope out these few sketches I have that I did upon request from Sarah. (See my last real post if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

I bet you thought you'd never see it...CUTE!

Oh, and no 'yerfing' or 'yiffing', please.

Kitty! I actually used to do a lot of these furry-esque creatures years ago. I even had a whole social and societal system that went with them, as they were actually going to be part of my comic book. Did I mention I used to have a comic book? Nothing formal...just me drawing and posting it around. If you notice, she's missing her tail. My bad. 

Emo dog. And rabbit girl's right hand. Heh...

The rest of rabbit girl! For some reason, I feel this need to pierce all animal ears if I draw them like this.

This guy is kind of adorable. He was supposed to be part of a children's book I was working on before the last laptop ate all my work. Hopefully I'll break out of my current literary funk and get back to that...

Giant chicken.

I think I'll leave it at that for now. Again, if you have a request for something, or have something to say about anything I have here or on any other post, please don't be shy about posting a comment. Feedback is welcome on all levels.

More to come later this week, I hope. Depending on schedules and all.

Until then.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Ok, just to keep you updated, various awesome people have tried to help me fix my laptop over the past few weeks, and, as it turns out, there is no decorpsinator serum and or reagent that could bring it back from it's cozy bungalow in the compu-afterlife. Belladonna is dead. May she rest with ENIAC. That being said, this is another post from ye olde Kindle until the arrival of the new laptop. I'm hoping it'll be just as nice and pink as the last one. <3 And thanks for your patience everyone. More fun days ahead, I promise.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


So sorry for not posting in a bit, guys. Kind of not my fault though. Windows 7 decided it didn't want to live anymore and sepuku'ed itself into nonexistance, leaving me with the Dell startup screen and nothing else. And if it wasn't for ye olde Kindle here, this post wouldn't exist either. As it is, unless someone waves some compumagick over my pink laptop or I get a copy of Windows 7 for free, (because, you know, it didn't come with the kit n'kaboodle. Joy.) my little blog here will have to be put on a temporary hiatus. You're saddened, I know. But hey. New Calabrese music trickling out. Yaaay! That's the silver lining to all this, right? I believe the answer is yes, folks. Oh, yes. Until then.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


A short-ish post tonight. Mainly because I'm running out of things to post at the moment, and I'm seriously trying to avoid posting more things about Calabrese. (You're relieved, I'm sure.)

 This is yet, another with no real title, but has been affectionately titled 'Monster' after the Henry Rollins' song I was blasting my brain out with when I made him. Ive actually done a few of these....uh...pig/monkey winged things before. Joe says they might be Azazel 'talking' to me...

 This one, if you notice at the bottom, isn't even really done. But I thought it looked good as-is, so, here we are. It's....a snake guy. Or something.

 A cute little 'whatevs' picture. I thought this one sucked when I did it, but, he's kinda charming now, looking back at it.

"Pocket". A first-draft monster guy that Joe asked I do for his band. It was kinda cool making him. I wasn't given any real parameters regarding a 'what' when he asked, just that it be...well...something like this. Yes, I know he has 9 arms. That was intentional. The shading looks kinda funny though. And, yes, I did steal his name from the main protagonist from Christopher Moore's book, "Fool". I know they look nothing alike, shh. I had just finished it at the time, and I'm actually re-reading it now. Loves it.

And there you have it.
If anyone is feeling frisky, comment with any requests you might want to see. I'm not making any promises, but who knows. I might just tear up the pad one day.

Ok. Off to do more stuff. <3

Until then. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Not an actual post. But.....ah, eff it.

Is it bad, that when I saw this...

...I immediately did this...?

Yeah, thought so.

Need help. NAO.


Saturday, April 14, 2012


Sorry about gushing over Calabrese in the last post, guys.Sometimes, a girl's gotta gab though, right?


So, as it is now, I'm not going to post any written work here for a bit. I'm going to try playing around with stuff, and seeing where I can go with it. And, if I still get flat-out rejected again, then I throw it up here for all of you to enjoy.

And you know what that means. More pictures!

 Another one without an official title, but a nickname. "Meathook", for obvious reasons. This was actually a 'whatevs' picture I did during the Calabrese music marathon I had. A 'whatevs' picture is one that I draw on the back of another picture. Usually, these are simple, or downright silly. Sometimes, they turn out kinda neat though. Case #1.
 ...And the colorized version! When Joe asked me what colors I thought things should be, I suggested the skin be a light grey-ish shade, and the hair blue. So, he went with a green/gunmetal combo. Heh...
 "The Face in the Mirror" On the same page as "Banshee" for the same reason as before. This is actually the second or third hooded guy I've drawn, and they all look kinda close to one another. Maybe I'm channeling He-man or something.
 The color version! Again, we have the mysterious, yet, serendipitous odd shading that went on with "Acid Trip". I think my cell has picture preferences.
"Mermaid" She's a few years old, but other than the tips of her fin and some other minor things, I like the way she came out. No, she's not sitting on a potato sack. Is it my fault I can't draw a believable rock? Oddly enough, after I did this, I later did a story called 'Neptune'. There's a scene I describe in there that's a bit like this. Only now did I make that connection, by the way. Strange...

Well, there you have it.
My contribution to the web. Pencil smudges. Hah.

Oh, so, before I go, here's another funny thing Joe and I talked about.

Two days ago, I had another Calabrese dream.
Now, before you roll your eyes, hear me out.

I told Joe about it. I kinda didn't want to at first, because it involved me & Davey cuddling. And a horror/comedy version of "Fried Green Tomatoes". (Think "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" x Veggietales. I know. Messed up.) He kinda laughed, and said, "Y'know....what if he's having these dreams too? Like, you're some random girl he dreams about all the time. Like a psychic connection er something."

And, that got me thinking. What if?
I could only imagine his reaction as I walk over to one of their merch tables.

"EEP. YOU. What...?"


"You....stay away. Get out of my dreams! Bleh!"
*runs away Muppet-style*

Ok, ok, that's kind of lame. But, the possibilities are funny though, right? I mean, really. If you started dreaming about a random person and then poof! there he or she was, gawking at tee shirts 2 feet away....what would you do?

I'd Muppet run.

Until then.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Ok, so, I've decided.

I know I was trying to make this as strict as I could as far as content was concerned, but, a little personal tidbit here and there surely cant hurt, right? Surely, this cant come back to bite me in the ass somehow. (Because, surely, nobody other than one random hacker reads this....right?)

So, here's my dirty little secret for the day.

I.....am obsessed with Calabrese.

No, no, not the broccoli. Not the salami. The band.

Yep, a band. Like how all the girls used to be in high school. But worse. So much worse. Because I'm at home. All the time. Alone. With the Internet. And we all know that nothing from this cocktail could be good for anyone.

How did this happen, you may ask?
Well, it's Joe's fault. No, really.

A few months ago, he uploaded my iPod with their 3 albums. I remember hearing them a few times in the car from before, and thinking it was kinda catchy. Little did I know it would spell my eventual, audible doom.

Now, I am one of those strange people who takes a while to listen to anything. I'll download buy a CD, but not actually open it for a while. And when I do, I listen to it in chunks. So, Tracks 1-5 here, 6&7 a few days later....you get the idea. Even if it's a band I know wont let me down, the process is slow. Like I said, it's strange, but it's my thing.

Enter Calabrese's "The Call Us Death".

Why that one? I dunno. Probably because alphabetically it was closest to what I was listening to last. ("Thank You, My Twilight" by the Pillows, I think.)

First track. Cool.
Second track. Awesome.
Third track. Spiffaroo.
Fourth track....dear lord, is everything so catchy?
Fifth track. Sixth track. Seventh track. Scream at me again.
Eighth track. Ninth. Tenth. I'm in a whoa coma. And I like it.
Eleventh. Twelfth. That's it? Surely that's not right. A half hour went by? Really? But....I....I....

I hit play again. And again.
I'm amazed at how much I'm liking it. How much I'm listening to it. How much it's sucking me in.

The next day I jump on "13 Halloweens". The day after, "The Traveling Vampire Show". All three make their rounds in my head, every day. My brain is all too happy to submit to their new master. Oh, glorious dictators....<3

I start to get giddy. And I find myself reverting back to how I was years ago. Years of carefully crafted adult maturity flushed down the drain in a matter of days.

And thank Goddess too. I was quickly becoming an old boring bitch at the ripe age of 28.

Then I find out they're all over the social media market.
And I pour over the Blogs. And oogle the Tumblr. And stare into the webisodes. And read every Tweet, interview, and snippet of written text that any 3 of them have ever said. Somehow, I feel like I just found 3 new BFFs. But I keep this to myself, lest I seem like one of the crazies.

In all this, I realize that I have no idea what any of them actually look like. Hard to believe, I know. But the pics didn't show up 90% of the time on my cell. Did I mention I have an Android phone? And a Kindle Fire? Yeah. There's that too.

So I look.
And I probably shouldn't have.
I really shouldn't have.

I'll save myself the embarrassment and just say that half of my downloaded pictures are of them now. (More Davey and Jimmy, less Bobby. Sorry Bobby....you're too pretty. ^o^)

Then the dreams start. 6 within the past month.
Each one of them seems to play a certain roll every time too. Bobby and I are always chums. Davey is...ah...well, the object of affection. Jimmy, unfortunately, is usually a 'background' guy. How this order got set up, I have no idea. But anytime It's a Cala-dream, that's the way it is. And, just to give you an example of how my brain works, I wrote one of them down.


I was working in a restaurant when it began. My 'uniform' resembled a maids uniform slightly, and was yellowish in colour, much like the glow and decor of the room. My co-worker had told me that some celebrities were coming for dinner. Imagine my surprise when I saw who it was.

There were others there too, but, nobody I could definitively pick out. An actor, an older gentleman. And although my coworker and I were supposed to wait on the table equally, I only cared about the right half. The menus were already at the table, and I think I must of waited only 10 seconds or so to get their drink order. I guess you could say I was excited.

Before I had a chance to go anywhere, there was a rumbling that stemmed from the fire place set in the back center wall. And wouldn't you know it? Pirates had come to ruin dinner.

All hell broke loose then. Plates smashed, chairs were knocked over and broken, and blood was coating any and everything. Seizing my moment, I grabbed one of the villains from behind and tore his head clean off. Bobby decided then was the time to vamp-out, and proceeded to rip a hole in my new-found head still in my hands and eat the contents therein.

"Hey...you didn't eat that well enough! There's still some left!" I found myself saying.

So he went back for seconds.

I dropped the head and let it roll to places unknown when he was done. The room had cleared out mostly at that point anyway. Stupid pirates.

I turn to my right, and Davey is standing in front of me. Somehow, he looks grateful. For what, I don't know. And that's when he bent down to kiss me.

I could feel the slight stubble on his chin and mouth as he did, gently, more than a peck, but falling short of a French kiss.

My cheeks flushed, I could feel it. My heart skipped a beat or two as well.

And then.....I woke up.

Yeah, I know. Vampires don't eat brains. But, it's a dream, dude. Deal.

Anyway...that's my secret.
Not horrific like you expected? It could of been. I edit myself very well, thanks.

Since I was gone for a week-ish, I'ma post some piccies too. You don't mind, I'm sure.


 Did this one years ago. I think it was one of the first I did that started the shift from 'pretty' drawings into 'morbid-ish'. Joe likes to nickname this one 'Angel Rape', even though that's not what I thought I did at the time. But, looking at it now, he's got a point.
This one is kinda cool, just because I took the time to put a pattern on something. Usually my stuff is kinda on the simple side. I blame Ken Sugimori and Pokemon for that, honestly. I always thought of this one as an Asian Medusa of sorts. Though, obviously, not as cool as say, a real one.

One of my latest 'installments'. Some sort of deamon guy performing surgery on himself. Lots of blood. Slightly masochistic, even. Awesome.

Well, I think that's it for now.
Fingers crossed nobody actually reads this. Heh. <3

Until then.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


So, the last 24 hours haven't been too nice to me.

Apparently onion tempura and dieting don't mix. I figured I'd eat something a little naughty, considering the only thing I had that day was oatmeal, and my crummy tummy decided that was too naughty. And there I was at 4 am, awake, in pain, and wishing I was dead. In my defense, I only had enough to fit a small salad plate. Considering my history with grease in general though, my dumb ass should of known better.

That being said, I'm still not quite right, so this wont be an extensive post.

I have more pictures though. Enjoy?

 Hah! Yes! Me as a Pokemon Trainer. <3 In my head, I had an actual fanfiction to go along with this, and I thought it might be kinda cool to have a visual. The giant Clefable's name was Aria, and much like Team Rocket's Meowth, she could speak. For some reason though, I had envisioned her to sound kind of like Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena with a UK accent. How I would of tied that in, and made it sound not completely crappy, well, I never thought it that far out. Oh, but my team would of been 6 of the most bad-assed Eevees ever fictionalized. Evolution, baby.
 This is something I did for one of Joe's bands. I basically copied a cheap styrofoam tombstone with all this lovely stuff around it. The idea was that the band photo was gonna go in the middle, but no matter how many times a pic was taken, the quality was too poor to do much with. Not to mention, the weird smudges around the top made it look kinda dirty. Ah, well...
"Acid Trip" part 2! Joe took it upon himself to take my drawings and use them as his personal coloring book. Which is cool, because he somehow got a Misfits-y vibe to the pallet scheme. I had thought of her looking like Rini from Sailor Moon when I drew this years ago, but the blond/green works too. For those wondering, this was done exclusively on a laptop without a mouse or pen, in Irfanview and MS Paint.

There you have it.

A lot of anime references. Yes, I am a bit of a nerd, thank you.
And I'm always up for a Pokemon trade. <3

Until then.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm getting tres original with these titles, I know.

First, before I put anything out here, I want to share this little tidbit with the rest of the world. Not so much as news, but more of a crazy little happenstance.

Two weeks ago, I sent Joe to get milk at Wawa. (For those not on the East coast, just pretend I said Kwik-E-Mart.) I notice he's taking an unusually long time coming back. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. I call. I text. No response.

Almost an hour later, he walks in.

"I know you've been trying to get a hold of me, and it's a good thing you're sitting down..."

Oh no. He was robbed. He lost the bank card. We owe the Mafia. All 3 even.

"Well....um....what happened?"

"It's Thomas."

I sigh with relief. A co-worker the both of us had the pleasure of knowing for a few years. But why did he seem so serious about it? Maybe he was in the hospital. The guy did have a lot of medical problems...

"Oh. Well, what about Thomas?"

"He's in jail..."

I pause. I think of any little nuanced thing he could be in jail for. Parking tickets. Back taxes. What could really be worth locking him up for?

"...for manslaughter."

My mouth hangs open.

"Thomas?! No freaking way!"

"That's what I said at first. I just got off the phone with Herbie though. He told me."


"Egan told him. Egan was the first one to find out about it. He looked it up, then put it through the Tower Reunion Facebook, and the news got around pretty quick."

I took me a while to register what he had said. This guy that we had both known....this guy, who, my father had known and worked with as well...was in jail. For manslaughter. The guy who didn't really cuss...the guy who never even got into a tiff with a customer over even the most irritating thing...the guy who had told us his hair had moods...the guy who had the perpetual booger hanging out of his right nostril...

In jail. Manslaughter.
And as more news hit us, the charges got worse.

This is the story, should you be interested:


Now for the original intent of this post. Seems like kind of an odd shift, I know.

Do enjoy, though. The quality isn't too great, but that's only because I took pictures of them with my cell on my kitchen table. Yes, they are sketches. No, they are not inked. I tried cropping them to my best ability, but some still have some junk in them. Oh well.

 Yes, feel free to make 'Little Shop of Horrors' references. It's intentional.
 "Acid Trip". I did this a while ago, but I think it's still pretty neat. How many other cute anime girls have their faces melted off in such a delightful manner?
 "Banshee" She's on the same page I did with another one I did when I was feeling occult-y.
 I affectionately call this one 'Head Lance', though, I never gave it an official title. It's actually my favorite to date.
This one also does not actually have a title, though, I did come up with this and two others while having my own merry little Calabrese music marathon. And, if you can read that fuzz, you can even see which song I was abusing at the moment. <3

These were the first round cherry picked from my book o'stuff. I have a few more I uploaded into my laptop, but I'll post them later. I might try to even color one of these if I'm feeling spunky.

Until then.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hello, again. <3

More ocular pleasure for you tonight. This one was actually rejected by Weird Tales not too long ago. (Not because it sucked, but because it wasn't what they were looking for.)

Enjoy? ;-)

Shock Treatment

"I had a dream about the Ramones last night. We were hanging out at their hotel, talking about Def Leppard, playing Street Fighter. Dee Dee got up to get drinks and Joey kept losing. Somewhere in the corner was Ringo Starr, in an Elton John-esque dark red velvet suit, laughing. Later, all of us got up and toured the hotel. It was huge, and gold-gilded in an antiquated sort of way that could only be found in those....Victorian? age digs. There was a ball going on in the lower level. People dressed up in stuffy clothes and fancy masks, that kind of thing. Slash was there in the middle, uncorking champagne and spraying anyone who came by. Nobody seemed to notice except us though. All of us got in the mix, partying, having a good time. And for some reason, the only thing that kept coming back to me was, how many times do you have to lose to Chun-Li to realize Cammy can't compete?"

"That's nice, Mr. Hackett. And then what?"

"Then....I woke up. Here. Looking into your smiling face, Sue."

She smiled. Bending at the waist, she leaned over to adjust the various pillows and other soft things that made the wicker deck chair he was in seem sinfully decadent. To his right, sat a weather worn side table, higher than usual, with a coupling of tattered books and pens. There was an empty drink glass too, with condensation sliding lazily down, pooling at its base. Great palms rustled in the soft, warm air, casting shadows on the white sandy beach beneath his toes. And above, the sun overhead was hinting at slight pinks and oranges just beyond the horizon.

"How's George?" he asked, suddenly sitting up a little higher.

"George...will be here soon. Then you can ask yourself."

"Always did think it was a strange name for such a beautiful girl. Makes you wonder what they might of named 'er if she was a boy. Maybe....Sophia. Or maybe something neutral, like Chris or Renee...."

"Now, Mr. Hackett. Remember what we told you."

"I know, I know. Polynesians are wonderful though, aren't they?" he said, grinning.

The sun slipped across the sky, sinking slowly into the darkening cerulean crystal just beyond its reach. He stared at his hands, both relaxed on either side of the chair, with an explorers watch on either wrist. He couldn't remember how he got them, or why they were there. Moreover, he couldn't remember where he was exactly. All he did know, was that he was in a good place. And that good places rarely needed to be questioned.

"Hey, Sue...." he said, rolling his head over to the empty glass, "...d'ya think you could refill that for me?"

"So soon? Wouldn't you like to wait a while?"

"No..." he said, tasting his lips, the tang of ocean just barely noticeable, "...I think I'd like another now, please. I feel kind of thirsty."

"Very well, Mr. Hackett. You wait right there, then, okay?"

"Wouldn't dream of it otherwise."

Moments later, when only half of the sky was visible, a pair of hands took his. He didn't have to look to know who was next to him. He felt the smooth nails and slightly calloused tips and something like the smell of sweet coffee and cinnamon pepper the air, warming his heart instantly.

"Hello, George. You're here, finally. I've been waiting."

"So Ms. Sue tells me. How are you today, Mr. Hackett?"

"A lot better, now that you're here. Where'ya been?"

"Oh, you know. Here and there."

"Tyler treating you well? Because, you know, if he don't, I can--"

"Yes, hes treating me well, don't worry. You're very sweet to think of me, though."

"A wonderful girl needs protection these days..." he said, feeling the first pangs of sleep float by, "...will Sue be back with that drink soon? It's almost dark out."

George forced half a smile and patted his hand again. "Don't worry Mr. Hackett, Sue will be here in a moment. She just has to get her supplies. Anything I can get you though?"

"A shoulder rub....would be nice. If its not too much..." he said, closing his eyes at the idea.

He could feel those same familiar hands come gently down on the area just below his neck, small, strong circles making his arms go limp with every pass, his legs cementing themselves to the sand, immobilized. If he had a thought in his head in that moment, it never survived.

In the distance, he could hear the ocean kissing the shore, the gentle pulsing of water on sand acting as a natural lullaby to sailors who had long lost the salt of their years. He felt his breathing slow, and his pulse hammer gently on, tipping his conscious to bed.

Soon, the darkness crept up and chilled him, and the potpouri of the island seemed to fade into something more clinical. His eyelids, leadened with the sandman's dust, refused to open. Weakly, he tried to move, without much success.

"Mr. Hackett, is something wrong?"

"Sue...? Its dark and cold. I cant seem to get up. Or open my eyes. Where's George? Whats going on...?"

"I'm right here, Mr. Hackett. Just try to relax, okay? Ms. Sue is going to help you. Just like last time, remember?"

Suddenly, he felt a pinch on his temples, and three cold spots on his forehead. Confused, he tried to move again, nothing responding to what his brain was ordering. The smell of coffee and cinnamon was gone. The lull of the waves was gone. The warm sand between his toes was gone. And he was cold. Very cold. His head was wet. He could hear a motor, purring, quietly, the small hairs on his body standing up. A peal of thunder, and....

"Good morning, Mr. Hackett. How are you?"

Dawn. He was in his wicker deck chair, feet in the sand, the serene glow of the pre-morning sun painting the skies in heavenly shades of blue. A coupling of tattered books sat next to him, on a higher than usual side table next to a few pens and a glass filled to the brim with something sweet and bright. He looked down at his hands and saw a two explorers watches, not really knowing how they got there. Nor did her know where he was. All he did know was that he was in a good place. And good places rarely needed to be questioned.

"Good morning, Sue. I had a dream about the Ramones last night."

"That's nice, Mr. Hackett."

Good? Cool.

More next time. I'm going to try to get some pictures out here. Let's hope my cell wont argue with me too much.

Until next time.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Hello, world. It's me. <3

It's been a while. But, I'm back. Improved, even.

From here on out, I'll be attempting to showcase my 'talent' through whatever medium crawls out of my head. Mostly writing, some doodles. Fun, right?


A small something or other for my first post. Joe had asked me to write him a paragraph to help inspire him with band stuff. I did this in about 10 minutes, though, in my defense the vitamin c/sugar rush I had was petering out when I typed it.

From across the room, I saw her. Pretty, delicate and frail. Her dress sparkled like garnets, her hair glittered like the sun. From where I was she had the walk and grace of a goddess, her laughter like bubbles, her shoulders like champagne. I knew I needed her.

I knew I needed her dead.

I followed her. Through the parking lot, through the crowded streets, and over the bridge that lead her home. It was dark out. Dark enough that I could see her through the shadows.

She didn't lock the door. She didn't look behind her. She never saw it coming.

My axe, coated in blood. Her blood. Her pretty blood.

Her body lay in awkward pieces and angles. The tide of crimson coated the floor.

And now I have her. I finally have her.

Longer posts in the future. I promise.

Until then.